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High Definition Liposuction

Our male body contouring, or high-definition liposculpture, eliminates excess fat and enhances the body’s natural muscles, helping patients achieve the chiseled physique they’ve been dreaming of.

High definition liposuction is the crowning jewel at Formation. The artistry of this procedure inspired Dr. Grandhige to create a place for men to come to achieve what their genetics prevents them from achieving. The rewards of diet and exercise are numerous, providing you an optimal long life and healthy mind, but it is normal to also desire an inspired unclothed form. Unfortunately, varying individual factors preclude many fit men from having that defined body due to stubborn fat deposits that may be leaving you slightly demotivated. By completely removing these fat deposits in precise locations, Dr. Grandhige is able to truly sculpt your underlying physique. He uses this procedure to enhance each individual’s natural beauty and anatomy, helping them (and everyone else) see their true self.
When diet and exercise fall short, it’s easy to become stagnant. But after seeing the results our high-definition liposculpture achieves, patients find that they have renewed focus on their training and eating habits. It’s a procedure that not only helps you look your best — it inspires you to be your best, too.

What Is High Definition Liposuction?

High definition liposuction is an advanced artistic liposuction technique used to treat fat and create muscle definition on the abdomen (stomach), chest, torso, back, shoulders, arms, neck, jawline, and butt. Dr. Grandhige sculpts and contours the body creating a  toned, muscular physique.
While traditional liposuction evenly treats fat deposits around large problem areas, high definition lipo focuses on careful identification of stubborn fat deposits. Our surgeons use liposculpture techniques to empty out deep layers of fat and selectively remove superficial fat uniquely defining the underlying musculature and tightening the skin in those areas, creating an enhanced, chiseled appearance.
When diet and exercise fall short, it’s easy to become stagnant. After seeing their results from our high definition liposculpture, patients find that they have renewed focus on their training and eating habits. It’s a procedure that not only helps you look your best — it inspires you to be your best.

What Areas Can You Treat With Male Body Contouring?

High-definition liposuction can be used to treat almost any area, but is most commonly used to accentuate male attributes like:
Based on the patient’s desire, we can expose a tight, smooth abdomen or further define each pack — exposing six or eight packs based on your underlying anatomy.
Our surgeons can define the lower and lateral borders of the pecs, combining the chest contour with a horizontal chest fold for chiseled pecs.
By creating subtle valleys, your natural bicep peak and the heads of your triceps are further sculpted.

To create the “squared,” muscular appearance of the male butt, high definition liposuction is performed on the hip and lower back area.

Expose your V-shape by removing the fat next to the “lats”.
We can carve out the obliques to reveal the sought after “V” cut lower abdomen.
high definition liposuction results, man with muscular chest and abs

Am I a Good Candidate for High Definition Lipo?

Although high-definition liposuction isn’t considered a major surgery, there are certain factors that can exclude someone from being a good candidate for the procedure. Our surgeons are best suited to determine if you qualify for high-definition liposuction, but you may be a good candidate if:

Surgery Duration

2 to 4 hours


Local or general

Hospital Stay


Time Off Work

1 week

The Recovery Process

At Formation we use the PAL high-definition liposuction technique to reduce bruising, decrease swelling, and speed up the recovery process for our patients.
We recommend patients rest for 24 hours after the procedure. Our surgeon will prescribe pain medication to make the healing process more comfortable, and our team will provide you with a special compression garment — which should be worn for 21 days after your surgery. Most patients are able to return to their regular routine within 1 week of the procedure, and swelling typically goes away within six weeks.
While some patients may see immediate improvements to their shape and size, the full results of your high-definition liposuction usually take several months to appear.
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At Formation we believe every guy deserves to feel confident. For men who work hard to maintain their health and strength, we are proud to offer men’s plastic surgery procedures like High-Definition liposuction which refines and enhances natural beauty by precisely etching, defining, and revealing the musculature. Whether you are local to the Tampa Bay area or from out of town, we have you covered with complete packages including transportation, hotel, overnight nursing, nutritional meals, massage, and more. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for power-assisted liposuction or laser liposuction for men and take the final step towards a more chiseled, confident you
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