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Formation was envisioned by our founder, Dr. Gopal Grandhige, as a place where his passion for both external and internal health and beauty are comprehensively addressed. He believes that the path to looking better, feeling better, living longer, and being authentic are all one journey. There are no contradictions among them. They are all parts of the same trek through fulfillment — fulfillment in having, fulfillment in doing, and fulfillment in being.
Dr. Grandhige’s vision is to provide a transformative life-long experience to his patients. To this end, he has combined his board-certified surgical experience with a team of coaches, nutritionists, fitness gurus, medical staff, and his good friend, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ahmad Saad to deliver comprehensive pioneering results.

High Definition Liposculpture

High-definition liposuction is Formation’s finest achievement. By eliminating focal fat deposits in precise areas through a targeted approach, Dr. Grandhige is able to truly expose our patients’ underlying physiques and accentuate the body’s natural muscles, enabling patients to obtain the sculpted look they’ve always desired.
We use high definition liposuction to enhance the inherent beauty and anatomy of each individual, allowing them (and everyone else) to see their actual form.
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Tampa's Leading Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Housed in the iconic yellow brick building across from Fresh Kitchen on South Howard Avenue in the heart of South Tampa, Formation is the first and only clinic in Tampa to introduce the full complement of FDA-approved endoscopic (incision-less) weight loss surgeries and perfect the techniques of high-definition liposuction.
Designed by Tampa’s local craftsmen to feel like your dream living room, our office and staff welcome you to sit, relax, breathe, and converse. Let us get to know you. We want to understand where you currently are and where you want to go.

Incisionless Weight Loss Surgery

When patients are on their journey to health, beauty, and wellness, endoscopic and non-surgical weight loss procedures can help jumpstart the process. Formation offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical weight loss options for patients, helping you find the best solution based on your needs.
We’re proud to be the only facility in the Tampa Bay area that offers three innovative, FDA-approved endoscopic bariatric procedures for effective weight loss: endoplastic sleeve gastroplasty, Orbera, and the Spatz3 intragastric balloon. Dr. Grandhige is the only physician in Tampa that performs the Spatz3 balloon, the world’s first and only adjustable gastric balloon, which can remain in place for up to 8 months and increase or decrease in size as needed.
These procedures are minimally invasive, incision-free, and are performed in an outpatient setting – offering patients a safe alternative to more intense weight loss procedures.
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At Formation, we believe that every person desires to simply be the best version of themself. We’re proud to introduce and offer the latest self-revealing procedures in weight loss, aesthetics, wellness, and nutrition. Whether you are local to Tampa Bay or from out of town, we have you covered with complete packages including transportation, hotel, overnight nursing, nutritious meals, coaching, massage, and more.
Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards shedding the external and revealing the true you!
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