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Dr. Ahmad Saad

Dr. Ahmad Saad is a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Grandhige and Dr. Saad trained together at Yale University, where they completed their general surgery residencies a few years apart. Dr. Saad resides in Barcelona, Spain but frequents Tampa and California as he remains an Assistant Professor at the University of California – San Diego and will be treating his American-based clients at Formation.
Combining innovation, science and artistry, Dr. Saad is a top surgeon in his field. Many patients have virtual consultations with him and travel to Tampa to have their procedures.
Dr. Grandhige and Dr. Saad reconnected in 2019. The idea of Formation was conceived, a place where Dr. Grandhige could combine his strengths in weight loss, wellness, and body-contouring with the aesthetic strengths of Dr. Saad in the areas of rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, and breast surgery – creating a comprehensive and holistic medical and surgical practice.
Dr. Saad, a pioneer in cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation treatments, is recognized for his ability to offer remarkable outcomes, rectify botched surgeries and abnormalities to achieve patient-specific, long-lasting effects. Dr. Saad cherishes and respects the patient-surgeon relationship, which is why his patients and peers see him not only as a leading surgeon but also as a mentor and friend.
Dr. Ahmad Saad
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At Formation we believe that every person desires to simply be the best version of themself. We’re proud to introduce and offer the latest self-revealing procedures in weight loss, aesthetics, wellness and nutrition. If you are local to Tampa Bay area or from out of town, we have you covered with complete packages including transportation, hotel, overnight nursing, nutritional meals, coaching, massage and more.
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