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Our Philosophy

Life is amazing.
It is beautiful and gritty, unpredictable and transformative, demanding and rewarding. With all its beautiful dichotomies, it can distract and detract us from focusing on the most influential person in our life.
…but there is a way back. At Formation, we have assembled a stellar team to aid, empower, and guide your true self to shine through the minutia of everyday life.
We accelerate the journey by using cosmetic surgery or weight loss procedures to eliminate external aesthetic roadblocks while addressing internal roadblocks through life coaching, fitness, and nutrition.
Having shed our external baggage (weight, fat, and excess skin) and recognizing and removing the agreements we have made with ourselves in the past that now limit us, we reveal our true selves.
Handsome and unencumbered, we have the energy, confidence, and joy fueling us for the rest of our journey.
Feeling YOUR best. Looking YOUR best. You will be strong, confident, and courageous having learned the true meaning of “Dare to Dream.”
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At Formation we believe that every person desires to simply be the best version of themself. We’re proud to introduce and offer the latest self-revealing procedures in weight loss, aesthetics, wellness and nutrition. If you are local to Tampa Bay area or from out of town, we have you covered with complete packages including transportation, hotel, overnight nursing, nutritional meals, coaching, massage and more.
Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards shedding the external and revealing the true you!
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