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Dr. Gopal Grandhige

Dr. Gopal Grandhige is a board-certified surgeon specializing in body contouring, high-definition liposuction, and incision-less weight loss procedures. More than “just a surgeon”, he is also the visionary behind the Formation brand. By focusing on his specific areas of interest, he creates and innovates — constantly challenging himself, educating his peers, and helping his clients realize what is possible.
After completing his undergraduate at The Johns Hopkins University, his medical school at The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and his surgical residency and two fellowships at Yale New Haven Hospital, Dr. Grandhige moved to Tampa in 2009 with his husband Darin and their GSP, Winthrop.
Over the years, he has flown around the country to participate in national research studies, speak at national meetings, and proctor/teach other surgeons the latest endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques. This allowed his book knowledge to crystallize into life experience, the foundation on which he built his vision of housing other innovators under one “roof” — Formation.
Everything Dr. Grandhige does at Formation is inspired by the belief that just like the “outsides” of ourselves can be chiseled and sculpted, so too can the “insides” be focused and strengthened. And true, lasting change only occurs when patients address both the external and internal aspects of themselves.
Combining his strengths in high-definition body contouring and weight loss procedures with hand-picked life guides, concierge nutritionists, fitness coaches, and his friend Dr. Ahmad Saad, Dr. Grandhige works with patients to help address their exterior aesthetic concerns while providing them with guiding resources, tools, and counsel to make changes which help bring internal peace for lifelong success.
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At Formation we believe that every person desires to simply be the best version of themself. We’re proud to introduce and offer the latest self-revealing procedures in weight loss, aesthetics, wellness and nutrition. If you are local to Tampa Bay area or from out of town, we have you covered with complete packages including transportation, hotel, overnight nursing, nutritional meals, coaching, massage and more.
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