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Male Non Invasive Neck and Jawline Contouring

We just love this treatment for men! Get rid of that double chin, define that jawline and get that athletic neck all at one time! You will feel confident and sexy. High definition liposuction and male jaw contouring procedures are our most popular procedures.

What is Male Jawline and Chin Contouring?

Most men assume the only way to get rid of a double chin, jowls, or excessively sagging skin is through surgical procedures, like facelifts or neck lifts. The idea of being trapped at home for weeks on end, the possibility of being “pulled” too tight is positively terrifying. None of that is necessary anymore. Our facial sculpting treatments allow you to achieve similar results as a facelift, but without surgeries, incisions, or downtime.
The aging process takes its toll on men too ! Over time all our skin begins to lose elasticity and definition, leading to a less youthful appearance. There are some signs of aging on a guy that can look sexy, but a double chin, sagging jawline and thick neck aren’t them. Fat accumulates in the neck and submental (under the chin) area making you appear older than you feel. In others, genetics has dealt a weak chin, indistinct jawline or thick neck.
Neck and jawline contouring addresses slack skin, excess fat, neck bands and skin texture non-surgically. Tightening the skin of the lower face and entire neck results in a strong jawline. This creates a separation between the face and the neck. This separation is what we term “strong”, and the softening of that separation is viewed as “weak”.
When done correctly, neck liposuction and a nonsurgical neck lift can bring balance to your jawline, eliminate fullness and re-contour the neck and jaw. You will enjoy a chiseled jawline, angular mandible and a strong chin. These procedures are minimally invasive with little downtime and result in a completely natural appearing enhancement that will boost your confidence and sex appeal!

What are Non-surgical
Neck Contouring procedures?

All our procedures have minimal downtime, and no one has to know. Men often don’t know what their options are but are clearly interested based on the number of guys we see each week.
We offer a large menu of nonsurgical options including neck liposuction, Morpheus8, Facetite, MyEllevate threads (Zoom lift) and various fillers. Depending on your anatomy, age, skin quality, amount of fat and other factors we will tailor our approach to achieve the best outcome. We combine all of these procedures with high definition neck liposuction first to remove any fat cells that may be causing a double chin or a thick neck. At the same time, we utilize a radiofrequency powered skin-tightening device, named Facetite which safely stimulates your own collagen production rejuvenating your skin causing it to shrink wrap over your own structures leading to significant definition. This is the strongest safest FDA approved skin tightening equipment available. If you have neck bands or more excess skin, we can use MyEllevate threads (zoom lift) and you won’t believe the results! For those who have excess skin laxity and would benefit from a facelift, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Saad is here to help.
These non-surgical procedures help to reduce fat, tighten skin and improve the overall contour of your neck for a more masculine and sexy profile.

What is Facetite?

Facetite is the latest breakthrough in non-invasive skin tightening and contouring. It is a powerful, minimally invasive procedure that uses radio-frequency energy to tighten loose skin around your face and neck without any surgery or downtime. The device creates controlled inflammation in the targeted area, which triggers your body’s natural healing response by stimulating collagennproduction. Over time, new collagen builds up in the treated area to lift and firm sagging skin, helping you achieve a more youthful contour. Facetite is ideal for men who want to improve their jawline and neck without any invasive procedures.

What is MyEllevate (Zoom Lift)?

Who is a good candidate for jawline contouring?

How long do the results
of a Facetite procedure last?

Completd in one session, the results of our non surgical neck lift procedures vary from patient to patient based on age, genetics, sun exposure and lifestyle habits (don’t smoke and drink more water), but the effect of the high definition liposuction is permanent and the skin tightening turns back the skin age and you start aging from there. With healthy habits, skin care and maintenance, the skin tightening can last 5-7 years, but the elimination of fullness from fat deposits is forever .
It’s important to follow all post-procedure instructions given by your doctor for optimal results.
Why choose Formation for your facetite or neck procedure?
We understand men. Men tend to differ from women in technique, desired outcome, expectations and procedure choices. With 5-10 male patients seeking our advice on a weekly basis, we are experts in treating the male face.
You can enjoy a masculine appearance with a sharp jawline, athletic neck, and a strong chin. Rest assured that you will have natural looking results. Get ready to have that competitive edge and confidence in the world.
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