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Endoscopic Revision of Gastric Bypass (TORe)

We all stumble at times which can demotivate us. You are not defined by these set-backs. You are not a failure. Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off and let’s start again!
Of the 70 million adults in the United States who are obese, less than 1% undergo bariatric surgery every year. 60-80% of these patients achieve long-term success with all the benefits of longevity, health and wellness regained. Unfortunately, some regain the weight due to internal and external stumbling blocks. Until now, the only option Dr. Grandhige could offer these patients was surgical revision of their sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass which comes with measurable complication rates.
Endobariatric options now allow Dr. Grandhige to offer safe, effective, same-day revisions of your previous bariatric surgery to once again have a jump start in your wellness journey – without any incisions!

Endoscopic Gastric
Bypass Revisions

Gastric Bypass (RYGBP) is a very effective weight loss procedure with significant improvement in comorbidities associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, and back and joint issues. Weight regain after gastric bypass can be due to stretching of the surgically created pouch from improper eating behaviors and hormonal adaptation. The connection between the pouch and the intestine, called “the outlet”, can also stretch over time, allowing the pouch to empty quicker resulting in less satiety or feeling of fullness and increased ability to eat larger portions.
Endoscopic Bariatric revision of the a gastric bypass, referred to as a TORe (Transoral Outlet Reduction), restores the outlet and pouch to their original size or even smaller, resulting in restoration of long-term weight loss. This safe, outpatient procedure, offers our patient a new opportunity to regain control of their body and wellness and get back on track.

How it works?

TORe works by using a device called the Overstitch which allows Dr. Gopal Grandhige to use a specialized technique to suture the stomach walls together completely endoscopically. He tailors the procedure to reduce the volume of the pouch, reduce the outlet size between the pouch and the intestine, or both depending on what best suits your anatomy.
Medical illustration of an endoscopic balloon in a patient's stomach
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Who Is a Good Candidate?

The Recovery Process

After the procedure, you can go home within a few hours. Most patients return to work one to two days. There are no physical restrictions after the procedure, and generally, no pain is associated.

The Key to Our Success Is Your Success

At Formation, we want you to succeed – for the rest of your life. We start with 1 month of one-on-one virtual nutritional coaching with Brooke Sobh and her team. She works hand in hand with Dr. Grandhige to get you prepared pre-operatively. After the surgery, you will continue to have close contact with her team. You will have quick weight loss given your restored anatomy for months after your surgery. After these initial months, many patients feel abandoned without the tools to create a life-long maintenance plan. Brooke implements her reverse-dieting program in order to increase your calories, thereby increasing your metabolism and preventing regaining your weight.

Surgery Duration

30 minutes


Monitored sedation

Hospital Stay


Time Off Work

1 to 2 days

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At Formation we believe that health breeds happiness, and we’re proud to offer a variety of weight loss procedures that enable our patients to improve their health and feel confident in their own skin. If you have stumbled or become frustrated with regaining weight after a previous gastric bypass, contact our office today and find out if endoscopic revision of your gastric bypass (TORe) is right for you.
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