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Facial Rejuvenation
with Injectables

Reveal a More Youthful You – Instantly with Facial Rejuvenation Injectables — Let’s turn back the clock!
Injectables are a great, non-surgical solution for facial rejuvenation resulting in fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, youthful cheeks and bright eyes.
Dermal fillers fill wrinkles and restore volume, thereby smoothing away any signs of aging. Facial rejuvenation with injectables is the perfect option for those who want to look younger without going under the knife. With minimal downtime and no recovery, it’s a safe, convenient and effective way to improve your appearance.

What does Facial Rejuvenation Mean?

As you age (starting around 30 in many women), your skin starts to show signs of damage and loss of collagen, elastin and supporting fat pads that naturally hold your skin “in place”.
A rejuvenation treatment is one that aims to restore your natural youthful and vibrant appearance by reducing skin imperfections, wrinkles, acne scars, sagging skin, sunken cheeks and temples. There are various modalities.
Dermal Fillers or “injectables” are used to restore volume. Other modalities such as laser treatments, microneedling, dermabrasion, chemical peels and neurotoxins utilize various medical devices or products as treatment options for skin conditions such as uneven skin tone, skin laxity and expression lines. More invasive surgical rejuvenation treatments include eye lifts, face lifts, chin implants and cheek implants which may require general anesthesia are other options.

What are injectable treatments and dermal fillers?

Injectable treatments and dermal fillers are a variety of FDA approved products used by cosmetic surgeons. The industry is filled with many companies and many products, but in general, they are categorized by the substance they are made from – such as hyaluronic acid, CaHA, PMMA or other substances.
Dermal Fillers work by injecting these special serums into the skin or under the skin to smooth wrinkles and restore volume, thereby helping to turn back signs of aging. These skin rejuvenation treatments usually take about 30 minutes and recovery time is minimal.
Fillers are a commonplace in offices and med spas, over 3 million people a year turn to dermal filler injections to maintain or enhance their healthy appearance. Say good bye fine lines, frown lines, sagging jowls, sunken cheeks!
Although it is most common to use filler injections on the mid-to-lower face, there are some dermal fillers that can be used beneath the eyes and other areas of the face to provide rejuvenation.
Additionally, Botox and other neuro-modulators like Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin can temporarily relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

What are the types of dermal fillers?

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists in your body naturally and helps keep your skin hydrated. With age, your body stops making hyaluronic acid. When injected, it adds volume to the face for a fuller look. HA fillers are generally soft gel-like substances that provide results of up to one year before being reabsorbed by the body’s natural processes. We use selected Galderma and Allergan products specifically designed for each treatment area.

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)

PMMA is a synthetic, biocompatible filler that takes the form of a “microsphere” – an exceptionally small ball that remains beneath your skin permanently to preserve support and suppleness. Additionally, this top-notch filler includes collagen – which naturally exists in our skin and provides structure as well as firmness. PMMA fillers are regularly used for replenishing volume or reducing wrinkles.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

CaHA fillers are a mineral-based dermal filler which are widely used to refill facial volume and reduce wrinkles. The calcium particles in this filler are incredibly small and bound together with a gel-like substance. Compared to hyaluronic acid fillers, CaHA’s consistency tends to be thicker while offering longterm results of roughly 12 months for many individuals. Additionally, it helps fuel natural collagen production which makes it especially ideal for tackling deep lines & wrinkles!

Facial fat grafting

Fat injections provide a way to naturally and safely add volume to the face by taking fat from one area of your body, purifying it, and injecting it into another. Your own fat is typically harvested with liposuction for optimal results. After processing and preparation, this autologous material can then be injected into areas such as the cheeks, temples or lower eyelids in order to restore lost facial volume.

What areas can be treated by injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers can be used in the following treatment areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liquid face lift?

A liquid face lift, also known as a “non-surgical facelift” is a combination of fillers, neurotoxins, and other injectables that can provide an overall rejuvenation of the face. It typically involves hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane, as well as neurotoxins such as Botox or Dysport. Results can be seen immediately and typically last anywhere from 6-12 months. This treatment offers patients a quick and easy way to restore youthful contours without surgery!

What is the best age for facial fillers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Generally, if you’re an adult looking to reduce wrinkles or restore lost volume, then injectable fillers may be the right choice for you. The best age to start considering facial fillers depends on the individual, as some people may experience more pronounced signs of aging earlier on than others.

How long do injectable face fillers last?

The longevity of injectable fillers varies depending on the type and area being treated. Generally, hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane have a lifespan of 6-12 months, while more robust fillers such as PMMA and CaHA can last up to two years. Neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport typically last up to four months.
It’s important to note that results may differ from person to person, so it’s best to have a consultation with an experienced specialist who can help you determine which filler(s) will be best suited for your needs.

What happens at a pre-treatment skin rejuvenation initial consultation at Formation and subsequently?

Dr. Grandhige prefers to meet you for your first consultation. He will spend time understanding your concerns and goals. After assessing your skin and face, both of you will look at your pictures that were taken when you arrived and come up with a plan. You will then schedule your initial treatment. Immediately or at a later date. After your first treatment, you will return in a week or two for any touch ups that are necessary. At that time, we have tailored your customized treatment plan and have your “recipe”. Then it is easy. Most patients schedule their follow up treatments much like with their hair stylist and pop in for their maintenance treatments ! You can always choose if you prefer Dr. Grandhige or our expert nurse practitioners for your treatment.
Why choose Formation for your skin rejuvenation treatment?
The minute you walk in our door, you will realize that we are a low volume, high quality concierge practice. At Formation, you will not feel like a number and will not feel pressured or rushed. You have a choice of having your treatment performed by our surgeon or our nurse practitioners. Our core belief is that our external mirrors our internal. With truly amazing wellness coaches, nutritionists and fitness gurus, we look forward to meeting you and being part of your journey for as long as you will have us!